Why You Shouldn’t Freeze Bacon in Its Packaging

Freezing BaconWhy would you freeze bacon? Well, I sometimes go through phases of wanting it in BLT sandwiches, as a side for breakfast or as an ingredient in recipes (it adds a lot of flavor). Although it isn’t often that I need a whole package for any of these. Freezing bacon allows me to always have it on-hand for when I need it and it allows me to buy a bigger package or in bulk which saves money. Besides it freezes beautifully so why not.

The problem is that freezing bacon in its original packaging means that you’ll need to use all that bacon right away which I don’t always want to do and it isn’t always possible either.

There are a number of ways to freeze bacon but a better way to freeze bacon (from the fans at Kitchn) is to roll it up when you buy it and then freeze it. Now whenever you need a strip or two of bacon for a recipe or for breakfast, you can take what you need without defrosting it all.

Begin by taking the bacon out of its original packaging. Now roll up each slice so that it “looks like a snail”. Place them individually on a baking sheet (without touching), freeze and then transfer to a freezer bag. Easy!

Defrosting takes little to no time. And so, now you have bacon in the right amounts, whenever you need it.

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