Freezable Freezer Meals & Preserving Cookbook

Freezable Freezer Meals & Preserving Cookbook

Freezer meals do not need to be boring. Enjoy over 70 recipes with ingredients from the freezer or meals straight from the freezer.

Don’t overlook this powerful source of quick, easy, healthy, homemade meals. Inside the Cooking Cheat’s Guide to Freezer Meals, you’ll learn how to preserve seasonal fruits and vegetables, prepare make ahead meals, and rediscover foods made for the freezer.The freezer isn’t limited to dinner. It is great for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks and treats.

Besides, your freezer is a great place to cheat. And I share my secret shortcuts on how make the most of your time and your money while enjoying quick, delicious homemade meals.

Publication Details

  • Date: Jul 2014
  • Series: Cooking Cheat
  • Category: Preserving, Recipes
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